This is hit — Fiver Dance
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This is hit

Dance Film Special Award (Ex–aequo) / Fiver 2017 Awards

This is hit

In a dancing hall a choreographer is going to employ all his authority to impose on his dancers a new movement: a slap! If the troops prove to be devoted to his passion and submit to the requirement of the master, very quickly ask following question: how long is it possible to go for fine gesture?

En una sala de baile un coreógrafo va a usar toda su autoridad para imponer a sus danzantes un nuevo movimiento: ¡una bofetada! Si el grupo se muestra adicto a su pasión y se somete a la exigencia del coreógrafo, muy pronto se hacen la pregunta: ¿dónde está la belleza del gesto?


This is hit


Thomas Estournel


Veronika Akopova


Voir le Jour


Veronika Akopova, Joane Nabonne, Nora Le Guen, Elsa Lyczko, Julie Nather, Sophie Brisant, Sophie Planté, Marion Peuta, Monica Faundez Valderrama , Dimitri Jeannest

Country. Year

France. 2016


6' 41"